Here’s Sadaf, 41 from Birmingham.  This is her run story:

“Before I came across Run Birmingham, I struggled to run for 30 seconds without feeling out of breath so I knew that I needed to improve my fitness and maybe lose some excess weight.

“The fact that it’s free helped me decide to come along and pluck up the courage to get involved. After all, I had nothing to lose from trying it out.

“Run Birmingham has made me feel happier and helped me find friends from my local area. My running group is great.  We are comfortable with each other and understand that we all have different running abilities. The social aspect of running is amazing.  It is something I look forward to every week.

“The run leaders are there to help and support everyone by motivating and encouraging the group to persevere, helping to change any doubts you had before about running.

“Running makes you fitter, stronger and happier. Your problems might not go away but running makes you feel better about yourself and your outlook of the world becomes more positive.  Well that’s how it makes me feel at least!”

For further information about Run Birmingham and if you’re wondering how to get involved, please visit:

Do you want to feel comfortable running just like Sadaf?